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Pump Balboa Niagara 3CV 2SP


Pump Balboa Niagara 3CV 2SP

539,00 €


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No tienes claro que spa comprar, contacta


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The Balboa Niagara massage pump (previously called Ultimax) can be the best replacement part when a change is needed (especially in case of replacing Balboa Ultima and Ultramax pumps). Because of its small height, this massage pump could be found under the spa steps.

See the photos.

Male threaded, with an assymetric MBT 2" thread (outside diameter of 78 mm).
This pump is normally connected to 2" pipe. The pump unions are not included in the price of this pump.

3.0 HP version:  2.5 kW high speed/550W low speed

Current (on the motor plate)
3.0 HP version:  11.5A high speed/2.5A low speed

Motor speed
1450 rpm low speed
2900 rpm high speed

Cables and plugs
If you are replacing of the pump and would like to keep the old power cords, just follow the wiring diagram on the inside cover of the connection panel. 

1 year, provided directly by Balboa

Part numbers
Balboa 3,0 HP : 1023332