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Since ancient times, water has always been a natural medication benefiting in all the body, with low costs and easy administration. It can be used in versatile ways and without side effects to help control and treat small problems (diarrheas, cooling, migraines) but recurent problems.

The large variety of water based techniques and therapeutic uses are known collectively under the name of hydrotherapy which forms part of a general focus on healthy living, known as holistic medicine... One of the main objectives of this therapy, which does not use pharmacuticals, is to bring to the forefront the importance of interaction between mind, body and nutrition, surpassing so the energy block.

Hydrotherapy is an activator which can be used as a relaxation treatment, to treat many daily health problems.

At the beginning of the 20th century some doctors, believers in natural food and medicines, noted that to enjoy perfect health allows every party of body to accept the quantity of blood adequate. Water balances the temperature of the body, withdraws toxins, and stimulates the whole the nervous system.

For instance, a brief application of cold water acts as to tone,, while an extended application is relaxant. Other opposing forms of therapy include ice which is very useful to reduce pain of the superficial burn, decrease the haemorrhage of wounds and to reduce inflammations. Where as hot water, in short application, releases body and muscular energy. In extended application, it relaxes the whole body.

Another form of treatment utilizes the benefits of water and steam. It increases the activity of the skin and causes perspiration, which, in turn, clenses the body from inside out. For example, the steam produced by essential oils relieves pectoral congestion and adds humidity to the air avoiding respiratory diseases and production of phlegm, besides reducing considerably allergenic agents transmitted by air.

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