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Maintain your SPA


Level of ph must be between 7.2 and 7.8. If level is too high then disinfection effect is weaken. A too sour water can be harmful for your skin and the materiel of your SPA

To the opposite, a too weak ph authorise the calcification of the water particles, reducing the filters and pomps lifes.

To regulate the PH level of your SPA, look under mention “attention”.

The powerful pomps are essentials for the massages jets. If fonctionement is made with several pomps, you will have more possibilities of regulating. You can perfectly put out pomps manually.

The pomp allowing the heating and filtration asks for less maintenance and uses less energy. It is therefore more silent. The filter is automatic in motion during all day. A more powerful pomp for jets shall cause only more energy consumption and more noise.

Can the SPA be installed by a no-qualified person ?

Yes, the SPA BELINDA structure is a inoxidable steel, extremely solid.

Take into account the following elements:

- The SPA cannot be immersed by water. One water evacuation must be available at any time.

- The technical elements (filters and pomps) must be installed in free air and approachable.

- If the SPA has air buzzards, and therefore, a air pomp, be sure that the air catch are sufficient.

There is not ideal temperature for your SPA. According to your priorities and according the seasons, you will indeed wish a hotter or cold water. The desired temperature will be introduced into the digital control panel. When water passes below the desired temperature, the heating sets on automatically.

The empirical rule is the following: higher is the temperature, fewer time you must stay in your SPA. Temperatures above 39º are not good for blood circulation. It is not recommended to have hot baths when we have problems with heart disease or blood circulation. A fresh temperature will be more appropriate to swim in the swimming SPA, than to relax in a bubble SPA.

How much word can I have a swim in a SPA ?

As often as you wish it and as often as it discharges you. It can be several times a day, by beginning in the morning, quickly, to begin nicely the day and by ending on nights, longer, to relax mind, musculature and to sleep serenely.

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