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Spa ES5.2 Ultmate

This spa is proudly designed in UK and made in EU. 

Color para la cuba del spa:

Color para el revestimiento del SPA:

11 319,00 €

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Capacity - 5 persons 

Stair and PVC cabinet – Included and easy care

Thermal Top Cover – Included, UV resistant material 

Ozone Generator - Included

Bluetooth audio system - In.Stream2 - Included 

Aroma therapy CMP - Included

Mutli-colored LEDs - Included

LED water fountain CMP – Included, 4 pcs.

Heater Gecko- Included

Stainless Steel Jet CMP - Included 88 pcs.

Digital and touch-sensitive control panel- Included

Active Skimmer Filtration CMP - Included 

Insulation inferior cover in fiberglass - Included

Ergonomic Headrests - Included

Power requirements: 240V /40A

Circulation pump - Eco Pump2 Gecko 67W

Filtration System - Silent, programmable

Air Pump Koller - 700W

Hydromassage pump nº1 Koller - 3 HP

Hydromassage pump nº2 Koller - 2 HP

Hydromassage pump nº3 Koller - 2 HP

Dimensions- 2200*2200*960 mm

Package dimensions - 2400*2250*1000mm

Net weight / Gross weight- 450kg/490kg

Water Capacity - 1500L

Structural Warranty - 5 years

Pump warranty - 2 years