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Amor (M-3331) is a compact SPA with attractive design. Its small measures allow to install it in a small garden, a terrace or even inside the floor. Without doubt the solution for those who want to enjoy a SPA but do not have enough room.

3 549,00 €

4 800,00 €

-1 251,00 €

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Dispose of:

  • A water pump (2CV)
  • An air pump (700W)
  • Heater (2000W)
  • Ozonator
  • Water filter
  • A circulation pump (750W)
  • Water filtration and circulation system
  • Stairs
  • Thermal cover with leather cover
  • Total jets: 21

Price- 3.549,00 € VAT included

SPA Dimensions: 1840 * 1230 * 690MM; 
Dimensions spa + cover 1940 * 1330 * 790MM; 
Empty weight: 170 kg.

Capacity: 308 liters

Weight per square meter: 283 kg. (With 3 people of 80 kg.)

Transportation Peninsula- Free
transport Baleares- 210.00 €
Transport France- Free

Orders to Canary price is subtracted 21% VAT and add freight (including fees and taxes) from 750.00 € .

NOTE- Transportation is, to the customer's door.
Capacidad agua308 litros
Bomba de aire700W
Bomba de circulación750W
Capacidad3 personas
Peso neto170 kg.

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