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Spa Bali

Bali (M-3323) is a model with an innovative design that combines mini-pool and jacuzzi to relax after a stressful day at the same time be able to stay in shape. The ultra-powerful 5 "jets create enough current for swimming in the part of the mini-pool.

25 750,00 €

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The Bali model features: 

3 circulation pumps 750W 
Cartridge filter 
holder filter 
Heater 3000W 
2 pumps tub 2250W (3HP) 
2 pumps tub 1500W (2HP) 
Air pump 700W 
3 lamps sub-aquatic 7 - color 
two panels Control Balboa 
Jets 2 "-. 2 one 
16 un - Jets 3". 
Jets 4 "- April 1. 
Jets 5" - Oct. 1. 
Air jets- 30 pcs. 
Total 62 jets 

Price- 16.799,00 € VAT included 

Total Dimensions 5700 x 2200 x 1200mm 
Dimensions of SPA 2200 x 1700 x 1200mm 
Dimensions 5800 x 2300 Package x 1300mm 

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Bombas de hidromasaje2
Bomba de aire700W
Bomba hidromasaje 1 2250W
Bomba hidromasaje 21500W
Bomba de circulación 750W
Anchura 2200

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