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The dry saunas CP series is characterized by the use of combined heating panels (both ceramic and carbon) which expands the benefits and lowers the cost. Another thing to note is the digital control panel dual- ie has an inner and outer panel from which you can control the temperature and other functions of your sauna.

3 585,00 €

4 799,00 €

-1 214,00 €


No tienes claro que spa comprar, contacta
No tienes claro que spa comprar, contacta


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Capacity: 4 people

Carbon heaters: 3 units

Ceramic heaters 5 units

Consumo: 2.350 W

Dual control panel

Wooden handle

Outdoor lighting: if

Heaters side: if

Reproductor MP3/ radio FM- si

Air purifier: yes

Glass door: if

Type of wood: European Tilo

Packaging: 3 package


We also manufacture custom (budget request)

Portes in Spain   80.00 € !

Portes in France   100.00 € !

Peso bruto176 kg
Grosor cristal ventana4 mm
Grosor madera laterales30 mm
Grosor cristal de la puerta5 mm
Grosor madera paneles frontal y trasero50 mm
Embalaje3 bultos
Purificador de airesi
Capacidad4 personas
Tipo de maderaTilo Europeo
Puerta de critalsi
Calentadores lateralessi
Calefactores de ceramica5 unidades
Panel de controldual
Consumo2.350 W
Calefactores de carbono3 unidades
Alumbrado exteriorsi
Peso neto170 kg