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High quality hot tubs designed in UK and made in Europe. 

The ES4.1 Ultimate is a upgrade of the ES4.1 Premium, with the same shape, it offer a very confortable position to all the users. Apart from the improved hydromassage system, the Ultimate finish is focused on the high efficiency for a low consumption due to it's smart component and equipment. 

Main Features:

Capacity - 4 persons 

Stair and PVC cabinet – Included and easy care

Thermal Top Cover – Included, UV resistant material 

Ozone Generator - Included

Bluetooth audio system - In.Stream2 - Option

Aroma therapy CMP - Option

Mutli-colored LEDs - Included

LED water fountain CMP – Included, 2 pcs.

Heater Gecko- Included

Stainless Steel Jet CMP - Included 59 pcs.

Digital and touch-sensitive control panel- Included

Active Skimmer Filtration CMP - Included 

Insulation inferior cover in fiberglass - Included

Ergonomic Headrests - Included


Power requirements: 240V /40A

Circulation pump - Eco Pump2 Gecko 67W

Filtration System - Silent, programmable

Air Pump Koller - 400W

Low-energy hydromassage pump 1 Koller - 2 HP

Low-energy hydromassage pump 2 Koller - 2 HP

Dimensions- 1700*2100*920 mm

Package dimensions - 1850*2100*1000mm

Net weight / Gross weight- 360kg/400kg

Water Capacity - 900L

Structural Warranty - 5 years

Pump warranty - 2 years



Comfortable and Ergonomic Shell Design.

As all of the EuropaSpas® Hot Tubs, the shell of our ES4.1 Hot Tub was designed here in UK, solely with the customers comfort in mind. All of the seats are spacious and crafted with smooth curvy lines that would give you a relaxing and comfortable experience whilst you are sitting in one of the 3 seats or lying down in the lounger seat.

Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets

These high quality stainless steel jets look very stylish and give the Hot Tub classy and modern feel. All large Jets have Clear Core with built LED lights that give the WOW factor when illuminated at night. The EuropaSpas® models are equipped with a huge selection of different types of Jet. Some are fixed and directional that penetrate deep in to the tissue to give great muscle massage, where others are adjustable and give you the ability to regulate the strength of the Jet Stream. Every model has a mixture of single and fixed, dual fixed, dual rotary and multi rotary jets that are positioned strategically throughout the hot tub to give you a different massage experience in every seat – ranging from deep tissue to soft soothing. Another two fantastic inventions that this hot tub has are the Foot Massager and the Neck and Shoulder massagers that give a unique configuration of jets and options, capable of producing the best performance massage and capable of targeting almost all areas of the body.

Hydrotherapy and Air Jets Power

With the whopping 5HP in total this hot tub offers an abundance of power that is well distributed amongst the 59 jets. The combination of1 x 4hp water pump and 700W Air Blower give not just an amazing amount of power but also the functionality and ability of this to be well distributed and you can use as little or as much that you need. All of the jets are linked to a system with series of regulator valves that would further give you the ability to vary the power and performance in each seat.

LED Lighting System and Waterfall

The EuropaSpas® ES4.1 features a multicolour LED lighting system that can work in colour changing mode or be programmed to display just one colour. There is a huge selection of lights strategically positioned near the water level line, built in to the largest Clear Core Jets, the cascading waterfall, the control valves, the aroma valve and foot well. LED lighting looks really impressive, especially at night when the various tones reflect off the spa shell and give the water a jaw dropping intensified colouration that would create a tranquil and soothing effect to remember. The effect is particularly spectacular with the water cascading through the waterfall.

Intelligent Plumbing and 24 Hour Filtration

When we design our hot tubs we pay huge amount of attention to the plumbing system. The use of oversized piping and fittings and the minimising of curves ensures that there is an insignificant loss of pressure and power from pump to jets. Our intelligent control system gives the ability for filter cycles to be programmed and the continuous 24hr operation ensures that the water is kept crystal clear for weeks on weeks. The Ozone system that is fitted and linked to the circulation ensures that with minimal amount of chemicals the hot tub water is always fresh and ready to use.

Bluetooth Sound System

All EuropaSpas® hot tubs are fitted with high quality marine grade Bluetooth system with waterproof speakers.

Maintenance Free Cabinet and Composite Floor

The Cabinet of EuropaSpas® hot tubs is made of high strength and durability polywood. This needs no treatment and it will keep its looks unchanged for many years. The Composite Floor is extremely durable and strong too and it has lifetime guarantee against rotting. As well as stopping rodents from getting in it prevents heat from going out.  

Heavy Duty Insulation Cover and Steps

All EuropaSpas® hot tubs are equipped with heavy duty 120/80mm tapered covers made from the highest grade marine materials that would withstand the harshest of climates. Every spa is also delivered with free set of matching to the cabinet, rot free steps.

EuropaSpas® A+ Efficiency

The EuropaSpas® Hot Tubs feature triple layer insulation technology. The material used is made by BASF and has one of the highest insulation ratings available today. The system insulates firstly the main shell, secondly the cabinet and by doing so it creates an air pocket that traps the heat released from all of the appliances and this can then be recycled back in to the water. All this combined with the silent flow low revolution circulation pump results in some of the lowest running costs in its class, with many customers reporting 60p/day and less.

Hot Tub Warranty

As we design, build and install our Hot Tubs we are very confident in the quality of our products. This is why all EuropaSpas® hot tubs come with Lifetime composites guarantee, 2 years heater element guarantee and 2 years no quibble, no fuss all components warranty.

Free with this Hot Tub

•Heavy Duty Insulation Cover – most companies would charge you extra for cover of such high quality, we don’t.
•Easy Access Side Steps
•Bluetooth Sound System with Waterproof Speakers
•Ozone sanitizing system
•Aroma Scents dispenser preloaded with one scent
•Full Set of Chemicals
•Our expertise and customer cark7;

Capacity - 4 persons

Steps and PVC skirt - Included, easy to maintain

Thermal cover - Included, UV resistant material 

Ozone Generator - Included

High Quality bluetooth audio system - In.stream2-Included

Aromatherapy CMP- Included

Multicolor LED Lights - Included

CMP Fountain Jets with LED lights  - Included x 2 units

Heater Gecko - Included

Stainless jets CMP - Included 59  uds.

Touchscreen topside panel Gecko - Included

Filtration System - Included

Fiberglass support - Included

Ergonomic Headrest - Included

Electricity requirements: 240V /32A(13A optional)

Circulation pump - EcoPump2  Gecko 67W

Filtration system -  Silent and programable

Water pump nº1 Koller low-energy – 2 HP

Water pump nº2 Koller low-energy – 2 HP

Blower Koller - 400W

Dimensions- 1700*2100*920 mm

Packaging dimensions - 1900*2150*970mm

Net weight/ Gross weight- 300kg/340kg

Frame warranty- 5 years

Frame warranty- 2 years




Pack Premium

Pack Premium

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